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It is no secret that video has well and truly found its place on the internet and you only need to look at the growth of viral social media channels such as LadBible to realise the sheer power that video can hold. Of course, it is not only silly videos that get attention and whilst watching videos of tramplolining budgies jumping in to paddling pools (yes we made this one up) might be a whole lot of fun, it probably isn’t going to provide much value to your customers. Instead, a targeted approach that provides something that your potential customers will want to watch will be beneficial to you and to them.

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The World’s Second Largest Search Engine

Social Media giants such as SnapChat, Facebook and Twitter have all embraced the demand for video, but YouTube is the place that people go to search for their moving image content. In fact, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world and is second only to Google (the fact that Google owns YouTube is also interesting but we will come to that shortly). In fact, YouTube processes over 3 billion searches per month and has a bigger userbase than Bing, Yahoo! and AOL combined.

With such huge search volumes it is no wonder that big and small businesses alike are leveraging the power of YouTube to enable them to grow in their marketplace.


YouTube or Vimeo – Which is easier to rank?

Without a doubt it is easier to rank a YouTube video than a Vimeo video. As previously mentioned, YouTube is owned by Google – so why would Google show their competitors videos over their own? The short answer is that they wouldn’t.

That is not to say that Vimeo does not have its place in your video marketing strategy – in fact, we use Vimeo more than YouTube when it comes to our own business. Every business is different and will have differing needs for its video output – but when it comes to ranking we implement strategies that can rank YouTube videos quickly and to the right audience. We are not just talking about ranking on YouTube here, we are talking about ranking your video on Google.

Remember what we said about video capturing attention… imagine your video amongst other search engine results that are text based. Conversion heaven!


Our Video Optimisation Service

We offer video marketing alongside our usual SEO service or it can be provided as a service in its own right. We provide full tracking of your video in the search results (SERPS) so that you see how much of an impact our work is having. We can also provide a full video production service if required as well as YouTube Channel set up, branding and provide you with a full video marketing strategy.