Sutton Coldfield SEO

Sutton Coldfield is know locally as ‘The Royal Town’, thanks to it’s roots that are steeped in luxury and royalty. Formerly, it was completely separate from Birmingham but now it stands proudly as one of the many towns within the city.

Why does any of this matter when it comes to digital marketing? Well, Rise Online is based pretty much between the centre of Birmingham and the centre of Sutton Coldfield so we have always felt a divided loyalty to both sides – but in reality, having these two historically rich area of the West Midlands on our doorstep can not only teach us a thing or two about how to target geographical areas through the power of organic search, but it can also give us inspiration to realise that multiple approaches to marketing are needed.

You could even start to think about reputation and reputation management as both Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield have had to manage their reputations and the expectations of their patrons for hundreds of years.

A Brief Word on Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Coldfield BirminghamHome to the biggest municipal parkland in Europe, Sutton Coldfield has a lot more going for it than just a big open space. It has the highest number of private roads per capita population and is one of the most affluent areas in Birmingham, particularly on the north side of the city. The town covers an area of almost 14,000 acres of which 2,400 acres are made up of the aforementioned Sutton Park.

The high street is still well use today and the total length of it stretches in excess of a mile.

According to Google Maps, Sutton Coldfield is home to six SEO companies, although some of these are web design agencies that also offer search engine optimisation.

Despite its tradition, Sutton is also known for being forward thinking and open to new approaches. It has the perfect blend of history and technology and although we here at Rise Online are not directly based in the town, we are proud to be associated with it and will continue to support the local area and investment in it for the long term.