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It is crucial for us that our clients have as much of an understanding about what we do as possible. Whilst most clients are completely satisfied to just see the fantastic results that we achieve for them, we feel it is necessary to go the extra mile to ensure our clients are well educated in SEO (if they want to be of course). We are so commited to this level of transparency that we offer all of our clients free access to our online SEO course that is hosted at our sister site

Don’t worry if you are not accessing our full SEO service as we also offer a pay monthly option to access the course for as long as you wish. It is a good idea to start by accessing our free website audit below as this will give you a number of actionable insights as to the current search visibility of your website.

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Why learn about search engine optimisation?

There are a number of benefits to learning SEO. We find that the more educated our clients become about SEO, the more they appreciate the service we provide. They are also far less likely to go and make a change to their website that could negatively impact the site in terms of its rankings.

For everyone else there are other benefits. Maybe you have a local business website that you would like to rank but you don’t have the budget to invest in a full search engine optimisation service such as ours. If you have the time to commit to learning then you will be able to employ our tactics to give your business an advantage over your competitors.

Perhaps you are considering running your own digital marketing agency? Perhaps you already own a digital marketing agency but are fed up of researching misguided information – or spending hours trawling through mediocre content to get to the good stuff. Perhaps you have been to one too many conferences where they jusr repeat the same old strategies that they were teaching 3 years ago! Our course is ideal for all situations and is as beginner friendly as it is advanced for more technical and experienced SEO’s.

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