SEO Packages

SEO is often seen by prospective clients as a dark art or as having an underhand approach. As such, it is perfectly natural for business owners to want to grasp a full understanding of what might be included in their SEO packages. We also think it is important to foster a transparent approach and encourage business partnerships that are based on trust and transparency.

At Rise Online we don’t usually go for SEO packages as we understand that all businesses are different and sit in different niches with different levels of competition. There are markets that have existed for decades and others that are newly emerging and as such have far less competition. That being said, we also understand that our clients want to know what they are getting for their well spent money so we have done our best to put together 4 SEO packages that most businesses will fall under.

It’s also important to understand that your online marketing shouldn’t start and end with SEO. After all, there are numerous other online channels that can be explored to bring additional customers and revenue in to your business. To this end, we have incorporated some of our additional services in to these packages that best reflect what our clients ask for and what works best for them.

Our services generally start from around £295 per month and the bulk of our client base is taken up with small and medium sized companies. We work with local and national clients alike and also work a range of e-commerce companies. Our packages can generally be split on this basis so we have Local, Local Plus, National and E-commerce SEO packages.

Our SEO Packages Explained

Whether you are well versed in SEO or not it can be difficult to understand what is included in packages and what it means in real terms for your business.

The deliverables that we have included in the packages above are for guidance and cover the minimum we expect to have to undertake for our clients to see ranking and traffic improvements. These deliverables also ensure our clients are able track and identify progress being made on weekly or monthly basis.

It is also important to point out that at Rise Online we do not stick rigidly to these pricing tables and if we think it is in our clients’ best interest to include more keywords or focus more on content creation then this is something we will suggest – this doesn’t always mean they will have to pay more or move up to a more expensive package – we can usually be flexible and make a project budget work.

Let’s explain what some of the terms in our pricing tables mean:

Website Analysis

It is crucial to have a clear understanding of where your website is at before starting any kind of SEO project. This is important for you to be able to measure progress but also for us to identify clear strengths, weakness and opportunities for quick and longer term improvements.

We usually conduct a mini website audit free of charge when we first start talking to you and will then perform a more in-depth analysis once we have both agreed to work on a project.

Competitor Analysis

Just as it is important to understand your own strengths it is also important that we analyse the competition. We will usually undertake some form of competitor analysis before we suggest a pricing plan for you but we also perform regular competitor audits throughout a project and are often able to reverse engineer what works well for others for our clients.

Keyword Research

Finding buyer intent or action a orientated keywords is important and this is one of the first tasks we undertake. It is true that SEO is not suitable for all businesses and we need to be confident we can provide you with a good return on your investment before beginning a project. We look to identify keywords that have good search volumes, are achievable and that are relevant to your business. Once we agree on a set of keywords we can begin a project – it is also important to note that these keywords may change over time as we identify new opportunities along the way.

Ranking Reports

All of our clients have full access to weekly ranking reports as well as access to our mobile app which provides updated rankings multiple times each day and can be viewed on demand.

On-Page Optimisation

On-page optimisation essentially means optimising all of the elements on your website to make it search friendly to search engines. This includes optimising your home page, target pages and other important pages of your website to implement an appropriate URL structure, meta data, content, title tags and images.

For established websites this is often an opportunity to find quick wins and for brand new websites it is an opportunity to have everything set up correctly from day one.

Google Properties Setup

It is important to use the tools that Google gives us to market and track our online presence effectively. We will setup and/or optimise Google My Business, Google Search Console and Google Analytics and you will have full access to these at all times.

Link Building

Link building which is sometimes referred to as off-page SEO is crucial to building an authoritative website online and to having a strong online presence whether you are a local company or a nationwide company.

It is also important that any link building is natural and relevant to your business. It is crucial that this element of an SEO campaign is performed in the right way to bring about the best results and ensure you are not subject to a penalty.

Citation Building

Citations are mentions of your business across the internet. These are often found on directory sites and are an important element of your business being highly visible in the map results. We take care of your citations for you and build them out on a regular basis. If you have existing citations we will also check these and make amendments to any that are not built out in the correct way.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Once you have traffic coming in to your site it is important that it engages with your site and converts in to leads or sales. We work with you to ensure that the user experience of your website is as good as it can be and will make suggestions to test ways to improve your conversion rate.

Monthly Performance Report

Once per month we will provide you with a contextual report on progress made. The format of this can be negotiated with some of our clients preferring a video walkthrough, some preferring a written report and others preferring a good old chat on the telephone. The point is that this monthly report puts the numbers in to context and allows actionable decisions to be made as a result of them.

Page Speed

It is important to have a website that loads quickly on mobile and on desktop. There are many factors that can slow down a website and if this is the case with your website we will identify the reasons for this and where possible take action to speed your site up.

Schema Markup

Schema is a type of structured data that allows search engines to easily read key information about your website, business or products/services. We will implement schema best practices where appropriate.

Multiple Target Pages

This simply means that there are multiple pages that we are looking to rank. Local companies that target multiple towns/cities, companies that offer multiple services and e-commerce sites that have lots of products usually require multiple target pages.

PPC Ad Management

We offer PPC management as a standalone service and for our national and e-commerce clients we can usually include this as part of your package. Re-targeting pay per click ads are especially effective to combine with strong SEO as it means are visible on a range of websites across the internet – but you are only displaying to people that have already found you via organic search.

Website Design

This might sound fairly straightforward but for our local plus and e-commerce clients we are happy to include some website design support. This is not a fully website design from scratch, but rather making tweaks to existing design work.

Custom Real Time Reporting

We are able to pull data from a variety of sources including Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google Ads to give you a real time report with all the metrics that matter most to you such as return on ad spend, cost per acquisition etc.

If you’d like to discuss any of our SEO packages or would like to arrange a no-obligation audit then please get in touch with us today on 0121 240 3837 or visit our discovery page here.