We support small and medium sized Northampton based businesses to grow through a highly targeted and improved digital presence


There is more than one way to skin a cat (for want of a better phrase), but we stand firmly behind our belief that search engine optimisation offers by far the best return on investment for your marketing budget. Here’s why…

Strong Brand Recognition

When it comes to growing your organic presence your brand is usually the first place we start. This not only builds the overall authority of your website but it also establishes real brand awareness and authority.


Consumers trust recommendations and the recommendation of major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) is a real tick when it comes to your customers buying habits.

Businesses that rank highly on Google have typically higher conversion rates than those that don’t.


Steady Growth

Improving the search presence and rankings of a business takes time. This suits most businesses well as they can grow with the new customer flow.

As your customer base, so does your business… one step at a time.

Local, National or GLobal

SEO campaigns can be local to Northampton (or any other UK city), nationwide or even global. You can take it one town or city at a time or have a strategy for rapid expansion – the choice is yours.

Measurable Results

There are few forms of marketing that allow real, measurable results like search marketing. From tracking keyword rankings to analysing conversions – we measure every step of the way and discuss it with you so we can always strive to improve your CPA.

Exponential ROI

There is no limit on the return on investment from a successful SEO project. Our clients typically see an ROI of 5-20 times their initial investment – for some, the figure is far higher and is incomparable to other forms of marketing.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Services – Serving Northampton

Rise Online are based in the West Midlands but we are proud to serve the Northamptonshire region. In fact, we work with brands and small to medium sized businesses across the UK. The beauty of digital marketing is that it redefines business practices and although we are very focused on human relationships, location does not act as a barrier in us providing excellent results for our clients.

Our SEO services can be complemented by our other digital marketing services depending on your needs, but we are 100% passionate about our love for search engine optimisation. 

We love helping good businesses grow, so if you offer a service or product that provides real value we would absolutely love to work with you.

Choosing a northampton seo company…

Many people ask us whether they can implement SEO themselves and achieve great results. The simple answer to this is… yes they can.

BUT… achieving great results takes time, knowhow and resources – three things that most business owners don’t have in abundance when it comes to digital marketing.

At Rise Online, we understand that most business owners want to be involved (at least at the strategy stage) which is why we start all of our campaigns with a discovery phase. We want to learn all about your business and even more about what you know about your customers/future customers. We do a lot of listening and ask quite a lot of questions at this point – but this is probably the most important stage of any project.

We will provide you with a no obligation and free video analysis showing the current strengths of your website and opportunities for development – along with a competitor analysis as we look to highlight opportunities for growth.

Wht not claim your free analysis now?

Our SEO Services

At Rise, we have over 10 years of digital marketing experience. All of our services are provided in-house and we don’t outsource a single aspect of our work.

As someone who is looking for an SEO company in Northampton you will have realised there are many options – unfortunately not all SEO agencies offer the same approach and some have even been known to do more harm than good by offering outdated services that can even incur penalties or complete de-indexation of a website!

This is exactly why we run everything in-house as we need to be 100% sure that there is no risk to your business. We have a very firm belief in treating your business website as if it were our own and so you can be rest assured that we only use completely white-hat techniques that are classed as industry best practices.

We stay ahead of the game by networking with some of the best SEO’s across the globe and we are often found at some of the biggest search marketing conferences.

Our Clients Say…
We are lucky to work with some fantastic clients. Here are some of the things they say about us…
“We have noticed an incredible increase in not only the traffic through the website but also in the vast number of client enquiries that we receive on a daily basis, this has been a game changer for our company and Jason could not have been more helpful and supportive throughout the process.” Ed Standen

Managing Director, Refined Polished Concrete Specialists Ltd

“I was looking for SEO services for a client and am delighted that we chose to work with Jason Mills at Rise Online, for what he has achieved over the last 6-8 months. From the time he provided us with his initial video presentation, with clear explanations, to our initial dealings as a paying customer, right through to those all-important results achieved, everything about our dealings with Jason’s SEO services has been a pleasure. We have generated a tonne of business enquiries as a direct result of Jason’s work, many of which we have successfully converted into new clients. Jason’s SEO services have proven to be money very well spent.”
Craig Burgess

Owner, Balsall Buzz

“Offering impactful SEO in a sea of people selling promises. Would recommend to anyone who wants to be found by their prospective clients. Jason is always ready to help and goes the extra mile to support.” Nadine Stanley

Owner, Payrollability

“We connected with Jason on LinkedIn after an offering of a free SEO review and then again recently after an email marketing campaign offer. Undoubtedly confident in his ability to deliver, these offers have made it a no brainier to continue our relationship and he has continued to add value to our business over the past months. DO NOT underestimate the value of SEO to your business and Rise Online will guarantee results.” Sabrina Bluck

E-Commerce Store Owner, CoCo Loves