Case Study

Niche Polished Concrete

When RPCS first came to us they were spending in excess of £700 per month on Google AdWords which was generating around 350 visits per month.

They were noticing that their customer acquisition costs were becoming more and more expensive and organic search was challenging.

The Brief

The Problem

The problem was that although the keywords were generating traffic, it was both costly and the key performance indicators such as bounce rate and average session duration were not really hitting targets.

The Aim

The brief was to increase organic traffic by targeting nationwide keywords relating to polished concrete and generate increased customer numbers.


Increase in traffic


Client satisfaction

Average enquiries per day

New website design

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At Rise Online we are always happy when a client comes along that has a product or service that is truly beneficial to the customer and that they are passionate about.

When we spoke to Ed at Refined Polished Concrete Specialists (RPCS) for the first time, it was clear that he was not only passionate about his industry but that he also wanted to be the UK’s market leading polished concrete company in terms of quality, service and scale.

Ed had big ideas and it was clear from the outset that this fledgling company was going places.

The First Steps


Ed took the time to complete our discovery phase which consisted of filling out our discovery form and was then followed up by some honest and frank conversations.


We then went away and conducted some initial keyword research to decide on keywords we were going to focus on. We found that although the service being offered was national, there was opportunity for ranking in the maps as well as the standard SERPS (search engine results pages).


We decided to target trophy keywords such as ‘polished concrete floors’ which have search volumes of around 4,000 per month in the UK and longer tail keywords such as ‘polished concrete floor costs’ which have search volumes of around 500 per month.

The first step from an SEO perspective was to ensure that RPCS’ on-page elements were aligned to target these keywords.

Content and On-Page

One of the very first steps that we take with any new project is to conduct a full on-page audit of a website and highlight existing pages or content on the site that suit the keywords we are focusing on.

Despite being a specialist flooring company there was not a page designed that really made full use of targeting our trophy keywords through content and solid on-page optimisation – e.g. meta data, image titles, alt tags and the content itself. So we created a specific page that we decided would be our main page to rank for the trophy keywords.

We also created content that targeted our longer tail keywords such as ‘polished concrete floor underfloor heating’.


Link Building And Outreach

As with all projects that we manage we provided an all in one package which meant that we handled all link building and outreach to boost the authority of the RPCS website.

This has been challenging at times as the space is competitive but nevertheless we worked with RPCS to produce content that large authority sites were happy to link to.

This behind the scenes work was where a lot of the focus was from around August onwards and meant that Ed and his team had to place a lot of trust in us as there was little to see in a tangible sense other than traffic and enquiry increases.


Dropping AdWords

The initial aim of the project was to put RPCS in a position where they could lower or drop their AdWords spend altogether. By September 30th 2017 we had successfully managed to replace the AdWords traffic with purely organic traffic.

I managed to persuade Ed to drop his AdWords ads and November saw organic traffic jump from 350 to 504 for the month – an increase of 44% month on month.


The Traffic Stats

The project started in May 2017 and we started reporting traffic from June 2017.

  • June 2017
  • July 2018
  • August 2017
  • September 2017
  • October 2017
  • November 2017
  • December 2017

The Progress Has Been Pleasing For All Involved

June 2017 – Organic Traffic – 38
July 2017 – Organic Traffic – 57
August 2017 – Organic Traffic – 69
September 2017 – Organic Traffic – 181
October 2017 – Organic Traffic – 350
November 2017 – Organic Traffic – 504
December 2017 – Organic Traffic – 689

January data will be revealed later in the case study…

The Website Redesign

In September I urged Ed that he needed a website redesign. He was quite open to this as he had never been entirely happy with the initial design despite it only being created months before coming on board with us.

We also desperately needed to move the site over to include an SSL certificate as customers would be completing online forms in quite a lot of detail. The horror stories that clients hear about redesigns and moving from HTTP to HTTPS and losing all rankings understandably makes them somewhat apprehensive.

Luckily, Ed had complete trust in us and we set about designing the new site. We wanted to include CTA’s throughout that would allow the customer to go on a natural journey through the site, allowing them to explore and have questions answered, but ultimately leading them to the ‘request a quotation’ page.

This process was completed fairly swiftly and we pushed the site live… following a few anxious days for Ed the rankings initially dipped as we told him they might before bouncing back up higher than before. Typically from around the position 8/9 mark to around positions 6/7. Hurrah…. Everyone was happy!

At this stage we also integrated an email lead capture and email funnel for potential new customers – one that was 100% focused around value and solving problems for the customer and that had zero sales pitch – this has worked very well!


rpcs ltd case study quite


The Next Push

Since the website redesign the focus went mainly back to both internal and external link building and the site has gone from strength to strength.

The next steps for RPCS are to develop a commercial website which is already in progress and to grow the brand in line with where Ed wants the company to go – to be the leading provider of polished concrete services in the UK for quality and customer satisfaction. Personally, having seen their work I think they have already nailed both of those and just need to scale up – which the commercial site will bring.


Those January Stats

At the time of writing this case study, the traffic stats for the last complete month (January 2018) were 1,667 organic visits (of which 1,432 were new visitors to the site).

That is an increase of 141.94% based on December’s traffic and a massive 4,286.84% increase based on June 2017.

It is fair to say that Ed no longer needs Google AdWords. In fact, he is now so busy he doesn’t even have time to answer my calls or emails!



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