Reputation Management – Your Business Depends On It!


The internet has transformed the way many of us run our businesses but one thing that hasn’t changed is the power of a recommendation. Social media and search engines such as Google allow us to take the opinions of friends and (even more so) complete strangers to inform our own perceptions of a business – often before we even go to the said business’ website.

Think about when you go to book a table at a new restaurant – you might perform a Google search to look at the menu or head straight to a review based website such as TripAdvisor. The same is true for booking a holiday, buying a car, obtaining a mortgage, employing a new accountant, finding a solicitor – the list goes on and on.

Now imagine – as recently happened to a Birmingham based restaurant – that when someone searches your brand name that there is an awful article sitting on page one of a search engine results page. In this restaurant’s case, the offending article was a news article that reminded everyone of a single incident where mouse droppings were discovered in the kitchen. The company was a fine dining restaurant and dealt with the problem as quickly as it was discovered – but would that put you off your food?

Reputation management is a service that we offer to local and national businesses to monitor and manage the online reputation that is attached to the brand. Often, a company will come to us when some damage has already been done and we will deploy a range of strategies to restore a positive reputation online. However, we also offer a lower cost service that tracks potential problems and deals with them as they occur.

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Building Trust and Authority

Reputation management is not just about preventing the bad news from spreading, it’s also about spreading the good news and celebrating successes. Giving value and sharing your latest news will help your potential customers to engage with your brand and will help to build trust and authority over time.

Social Media is perfect for building a relationship with your customers and will help to keep your brand in their minds when they come to need your product or service. Our fully loaded reputation management service will also help to foster these relationships through ongoing social media engagement.