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How PPC Works

There is no denying that we love organic growth but sometimes there is a need for new (and even well established) businesses to attract customers through paid search.

Whether you are looking to utilise search engine PPC such as Google AdWords or social media PPC we have you covered.

The first step is to know what service you need, view our options below:


Paid Search

Paid Social

PPC Consulting


Search PPC Management

There is a reason why search engine pay per click performs so well and it is down to buyer intent. When your visitors are actively searching for your product or service and you position yourself in the right way, it makes customer acquisition much easier.

Our fully managed Google AdWords campaigns are perfect for small local businesses and larger national companies alike.


Social Media Re-Targeting

If you are looking to establish brand awareness or simply want to re-capture past visitors to your website, our social media re-targeting is perfect.

Social media ads are a unique beast as you are competing for attention when the psychology of the user is not ready for the customer acquisition process. Our tried and tested strategies are ideal for social media PPC campaigns.

Local & National Campaigns

We often hear local businesses saying that PPC is not effective for them – we challenge this as we manage successful campaigns for local and national clients alike.

No two campaigns are the same and if we think your business model doesn’t suit pay per click we will tell you from the outset.

Your success is our success!


Fully Researched Keyword Opportunities

Our keyword research skills are second to none and we recognise the importance of bringing super targeted customers to your business website.

Not only do we look for keywords with high buyer intent, we will also look for ways to achieve high placements on lower cost terms that convert.

Detailed Analytics That Mean Something

You can of course log in to your analytics dashboard at any point to measure your progress, but our hand written reports are so much more meaningful and will add the context to the data.

Not only will we provide timely hand written reporting but we will discuss ways to act upon the data with you (if you want us to of course).


Copy That Converts

When it comes to Pay Per Click copy is the secret weapon. We will ensure all your copy is highly optimised for all keywords in your campaigns – from the ad copy right down to the landing page – we will provide  you with high quality scores to help your ad placements and increase your conversion rates.

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A digital marketing agency that rubbishes the power of paid search marketing is hugely underestimating the power of this advertising medium. PPC campaigns generate immediate traffic to a business, something that often takes months or years to gain organically.

Traffic from paid sources such as Google AdWords can be highly targeted with super focused buyer intent keywords that give an excellent return on investment – in fact, it is not uncommon for our campaigns to achieve a 10-20x ROI on the ad spend.

All our campaigns start with the discovery phase. This allows us to understand your unique needs and how your business operates. We will discuss the potential for traffic, expected costs and a realistic estimated conversion rate.

Once the project is underway we will take over all of the management aspects of the campaign and will constantly experiment and split test different elements of the project as we continually strive for the maximum ROI. We will discuss the opportunities for scale so you fully understand the potential of your campaign.

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