Case Study

Metres Direct

Metres Direct initially came to us with the intention of embarking on a project to increase their organic presence in search engines through a tailored SEO project.

Essentially, the objective was to increase sales for a business in its first full year of trading.

The Brief

The Problem

Metres Direct had a relatively new website (less than 12 months old) and had virtually zero organic traffic.

They were operating in a very busy manufacturing and supply space with dozens of other companies competing for exposure on page one – it was also clear that a number of the competitors were actively utilising the services of other SEO agencies.

The Aim

The aim was to increase sales and revenue through organic traffic.


Increase in traffic

Average online sales per month


Abandoned cart recovery rate

thousand pounds revenue generated in first 12 months of project

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Rise Online started working with Metres Direct towards the end of April 2018 and for the purposes of this case study we will be reporting on progress made from May 1st 2018 to May 1st 2019. Rise Online continue to work with Metres Direct.

The project started as purely an SEO project and the company were managing their own pay per click Google AdWords (as it was known then) campaign. It was quickly decided that Rise Online would also take over the management of the Google Ads (as it is now known) campaign and progress of both will be discussed in this case study.

The First Steps



Metres Direct is primarily an e-commerce website and as such was targeting a number of products and keywords. We were not involved in the website build out so much of the discovery phase revolved around where the company wanted to be, which products were most important to them and how we could best optimise the existing website without damaging the customer experience.



Metres Direct are a skirting and architrave manufacturer and supplier. These products are available in MDF and Oak materials and the first task was to establish which keywords we would focus on and how best we could leverage the existing URL structure of the website to achieve this.



A set of keywords were agreed (over 150) that existing content could target and we designed a content strategy to target other keywords that would help establish Metres Direct as an authority in their industry as well as provide real value to potential customers searching for information relating to skirting boards and architrave.

SEO Progress

The progress made from an SEO perspective has been incredibly succesful to date. A focus on implementing best practice on page SEO and generating highly relevant backlinks from relevant and highly authoritative online sources through our high quality content led approach has reaped huge rewards. Organic traffic has increased 783% in one year.

Google Ads Progress

Google Ads have been incredibly successful in terms of ROI. Rise Online have implemented Google Shopping ads as well as Google Search ads to provide a return on ad spend of between 6-1 and 10-1. In other words, our campaigns have returned between £6 for every £1 spent and £10 for every £1 spent. This has allowed us to scale up and look for ways to increase customer retention.

Facebook Re-targeting Implementation

2019 saw the implementation of Facebook and Instagram re-targeting ads. These ads have focused on the customers that we didn’t convert on first visit to the online store and have been extremelty succesful.

A return of £48.68 per £1 spent on these ads has led to further increases in revenue and has far surpassed our high expectations.

The Future

With close to £500,000 achieved in revenue in the first 12 months of the project the aim now is to double this through organic growth in the next 12 months and then the same again for the following 12 months.

We continue to work with Metres Direct to ensure they are maximising every opportunity to deliver their exceptional products and service to their customers.


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