SEO is dead. I have been hearing that phrase for years! Whilst this couldn’t be further from the truth, something that everyone would agree on is that the competition for search engine rankings is higher than ever – and the methods to get there are constantly evolving – or so Google would have you believe!

This article is going to focus around how to learn SEO. So why start off with such a dramatic first sentence?

Well, there are record numbers of people entering the realm of digital marketing and whether you call yourself an SEO, SEM, search visibility consultant, digital marketer (the list really does go on and on), what really matters and all that anybody really cares about is ranking their website on page one of major search engines.

So again… why the dramatic opening line?

Well – and here’s the real nub of it – what no-one tells these aspiring search marketers is that SEO is tough. It has grown increasingly difficult year by year and for a number of reasons.

More websites = more competition

More SEO’s = more competition

More DIY SEO’s = more competition

Smarter search engine algorithms = no shortcuts

These reasons alone make it very difficult for beginners to enter this saturated market place and have any great success – so whilst SEO is not dead, it can be a very lonely place when you are down on page 17 of Google where it is a ghost town – in that no-one ever goes there.

I meet a lot of aspiring SEO’s and the problem with most of them is that they have been sold a dream and think they can make big bucks over night. Whilst there may be the odd prodigy that has done this, in the main you will have to work very hard at carving your craft before you earn ‘the big bucks’ through SEO. After all, it is all about credibility in this market place as so many business owners have been scammed or fallen for low quality and cheaper services in the past.

Why learn SEO?

There are two main reasons why people learn SEO. One is to set up a business as an agency and provide SEO services to other businesses.

The second is because you already have a business and you want to promote your business – but rather than pay someone to do SEO for you, you would rather do it yourself. In fact – this is how I learned SEO all those years ago.

Now, whether you should learn SEO is something that only the individual can decide. What you should know going in is that it is going to take thousands of hours of research, learning, implementation, head banging, hair pulling, phone calls, webinars, pointless YouTube videos etc. before you get anywhere close to having some understanding of what it takes.

Now, if you are a business owner and you have a marketing budget that does not eat in to all of the company profit or if you have a budget to grow the business then you are almost 99% of the time going to be better off finding an agency or individual to take on the SEO for you. You are best at what you do and your time and money is best spent doing what you do best. If this is you – then head straight to my discovery form here and see if you qualify to work with me.

I got lucky. I was lucky that I had an insane amount of curiosity for SEO and I got results quickly. This is not the case for everyone! I also had money to throw after the best training on the planet – hands down the best! I worked with (and continue to work with) some of the brightest SEO minds in the world and you cannot put a price on that level of networking.

I also had countless amounts of time. Time to plough in to the learning and testing. This is where as a business owner you are going to lose the time you need to do what you do best.

For some though, the prospect of learning SEO is going to be exciting and if budget is an issue or you simply want to get a grasp of it then learning might be the best option.

How to learn SEO?

The biggest problem with learning SEO is that there are so many people out there who will tell you what to do. Some advice is good and some is bad. I will tell you now that 100% you could learn SEO just by watching a lot (and I mean hundreds) of YouTube videos, testing websites, destroying websites and ranking websites. You could join a mastermind training programme and pay 5 figures a year to learn like I did – but again how do you know which one to join and if you are just looking to rank one business website is it even worth it?

The point is that you can learn SEO if you want to for free – but it it is going to take you a long long time.

Is there an easier way?

The easiest way to be successful with SEO is to hire someone with credibility to do it for you. There is another solution that I have opened up for a very limited time only.

I like my clients to be educated on what I do for them. So I set up a private training area for them to learn every aspect of what I do. Now they don’t have to do this, but some of them like to learn more.

I recently opened up the membership to 100 people and we then closed out. I have decided to open up to 50 more – and that will be it – for good – 150 members getting all my knowledge is more than enough for my liking.

I am not going to do a big sell here and you can find out more about my training here  (our SEO training is currently closed to new applicants) – but I will say that my over the shoulder training is going down a storm. I am taking a brand new local Birmingham business and building the website in front of your eyes, showing you how I do all the on-page SEO and we are about to start the off-page SEO very soon. You get to see everything.

Again, I am not going to do a big sell here – so if you want to see more you will have to check out the sales page here – there is a 25% discount when you use the code LAUNCH25 and the membership will close out as soon as we hit 150 members.