The Brief

Drone Deliver came to us as a newly formed drone blogging platform and wanted to increase their visitor numbers.

When we came on board the website was brand new and had zero visibility through organic search.

The Problem

Drone Deliver were trying to access a very competitive market place and although there was clearly plenty of organic search volume, there was also a lot of competition. In addition to UK competition, there was a lot of websites based in the USA that were dominating the SERPS.

The Aim

The aim was pretty simple; to increase readership to Drone Deliver through quality content, link building and authority building.

The Aim

The aim was pretty simple; to increase readership to Drone Deliver through quality content, link building and authority building.


Increase in traffic

Average online sales per month

High Search Intent Position 1 keywords in Google

Words of high quality content created was a brand new website with a domain that had only been registered about 6 weeks before we came on board. Even local businesses find ranking brand new websites difficult within the first three to four months but with a website that was going after extremely competitive national search terms – it was clear that the approach would have to be absolutely spot on.

We started working with Drone Deliver in June 2017 with the aim of generating revenue through product sales on by the end of November – to maximise the pre-Christmas market. To take a brand new website from just 38 organic hits per month to generating enough traffic to warrant an SEO campaign was going to be challenging to say the least.

The First Steps


As with most projects, we started out by trying to understand the key aims of the business and where the most profitable products were. We worked with Drone Deliver to understand how best we could help them reach their goals.


Our keyword research led us to a set of very clear keywords that had excellent buyer intent behind them. Using keywords that had ‘best’ in the search term and price targeted search terms such as ‘drones under £100’ became clear priorities.


There was a clear focus on targeting 3-4 top quality pages to begin with. The aim was to achieve position 1 rankings along with featured snippets providing position 0 rankings also.

As you can see from the image, we succeeded with a featured snippet and position 1 ranking for this search term in Google.

Content and On-Page

It was quite clear from the outset that the quality of content was going to be key to this project. Rise Online took control of all content creation and started on a content strategy that was built around the initial and on-going keyword research.

The structure of the website with content hubs and internal link building was also going to be a key part of this project. In addition to high buyer intent keywords, we also looked to build out content that was helpful to users and would help establish Drone Deliver as an authority.

Link Building And Outreach

All elements of link building were handled by Rise Online and this went hand in hand with our content creation.

We worked tirelessly (and continue to do so) to establish relevant industry contacts to help build the Drone Deliver brand. By having high quality content we were able to attract links from high quality online publications including other well established drone websites (essentially our competition) such as Drone Life.

The Traffic Stats

The project started in June 2017 and the progress made to date has been staggering. By mid-November we had started to see traffic increase significantly thanks to multiple rankings in the top 3 and December 2017 saw the website hit over 4500 organic hits and made over £19,000 of drone sales.

In the last 12 months the website has had just over 35,000 organic hits and will likely have 10,000+ in December 2018 alone. 

  • July 2017
  • July 2018

The Future

Drone Deliver now sits poised for a pre-Christmas period of sales that could be three to four times bigger than the same period last year.

We continue to work with Drone Deliver to produce top quality content, grow brand awareness and develop even more position 1 and position 0 rankings.


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