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You can tell the same story 3 different ways, but the way it is told will make a world of difference. There are a variety of uses for copy, from improving your website homepage, generating insightful and compelling articles, to persuasive ad content that grips your target customers to buy!


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At Rise Online we take our copy very seriously. So seriously that we don’t let anyone else get their grubby little mitts on it!

Every single piece of written content on our own site is produced by us… and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We create copy that is fit for purpose and (most importantly) is fit for its intended audience. Whether you are looking for creative copy, witty copy, well informed and rigorously researched copy or sales copy – we have the skills, experience and expertise required to hit your content commissioning brief.

Not only do we create super engaging copy that makes your audience want to read on, we also supercharge your online content with SEO friendly copywriting techniques designed to attract the right audience to your website. If you are wondering whether your website’s content is already search engine friendly then why not claim your free audit below and check out the content analysis section.

Why does good copy matter?

Good copy matters. Not just to the grammar police that like to troll Twitter and Facebook – but to everyone. Good copy displays your business in the light that it should be shown. It can either illuminate your business website or make your potential customers switch off and go elsewhere. At the very least, you should be investing time (and maybe a little bit of money) in top quality content on your homepage and the pages that your visitors will most often visit.

It is well documented how fickle website users can be. They will make snap judgements about your website that are almost instantaneous and will click away without so much as a second thought. In no more than 2 seconds a potential customer will have decided whether or not they want to stay on your website. You have a further 8-9 seconds to engage them with your copy. If you are reading this sentence then we have already done a pretty decent job of capturing your attention in an increasingly busy space – if you think that matters then perhaps you should consider using our service.

Standing out from all the distractions

The internet is a busy place. It is bustling with brilliance and has nonsense in abundance depending on where you happen to be. Add mobile devices in to the mix and you are just one text or SnapChat message away from losing a customer altogether. That’s why your content needs to be so compelling that your audience will come back to you for more.

Over 98% of website visitors do not make the transition from visitor to customer on their first visit.

Most don’t find enough trust until the 6th or 7th visit to a website.

If you have good copy that stands out from distraction then you are infinitely more likely to be successful with your online presence than if you have simply mediocre copy – and don’t get us started on downright mad, bad and ugly copy!