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Stage one with a new client is the discovery phase. This typically takes place prior to services commencing and starts with our discovery form. At this stage we find out as much as we can about your company so that we can provide a service that meets your needs and expectations.



Once we know everything we need to know about your company we start the analysis phase. This will provide us with a detailed insight in to your website and that of your competitors. It will also allow us to delve in to the search behaviours of your potential customers and will allow us to unlock new customer streams.



Once we have agreed on the right digital marketing strategy for your business we set to work on helping you rise to the top of the organic search results for the agreed keyword clusters. This is measured every step of the way and you will be provided with detailed analytics of the progress made.

Why Choose Rise Online?

Jason Mills is the founder of Rise Online – he talks you through the reasons why we are the number one choice for Search Marketing in Birmingham, the story of how Rise Online came to be and how to get the most out of the website.

Why does your online presence matter?

Whether it is search engine optimisation of your business website, social media management, good quality copy, conversion optimised videos or even pay per click ads – your online presence is the gateway to your business growth. Find out which of our services will benefit you the most.

Discover how we can help you RISE.

Stage one starts with discovery. When you complete our discovery form you will provide us with the perfect insight in to your business – this will allow us to provide you with a valuable video analysis of your current website and that of your competitors.


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